I’ve Got Mail!

Hey guys!

Been a while since I have gotten to the computer. Fetch and playing with my buddy Milton bulldog has been taking up a lot of my day. But I got some mail this week and I couldn’t wait to show you all.



My friend Mickey sent me a picture! I miss him so much and hope to get back and see him soon. I miss Pluto too. He let me share his water bowl.

Ok, well I’ll be back soon, but for now, I have to go help Milton tear open the dog food bag that my dad left on the floor.


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The Big Thunderin’ Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

What Up Peeps!

It’s been a few days since I posted about my trip on the Liberty Belle. Mom said it was about time I let everyone know about my trip on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

Dad said that we would get to go on a roller coaster, but he didn’t tell me that it would be the wildest ride in the wilderness! I got in an orange train car with my dad, and off we went! We twisted and turned, and dropped and climbed! It was so fun!

There was a man floating in a bath tub and some billy goats on a hill! I got to see possums hanging in a tree too! I rode through dinosaur bones and almost hit my head on them! It was awesome!

My mom was waiting with popcorn when we got done. It was so delicious!

Isn’t this like the best day ever?!?



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Me and Liberty Belle

Look! I'm on a boat!

Happy Day Everyone!

After one good boat/water experience, Mom and Dad asked me if I would like to go on another. I told them yes! After we walked out of Fantasyland, I saw a BIIIIGGGG white boat in front of me. Mom said that it was a steamboat, and it had a big wheel on the back. It’s name was the Liberty Belle!

We climbed aboard and went up to the top deck. Dad lifted me up so that I could see over the railing as we went around the Rivers of America!

All the sudden, I saw something pop up in the bushes! Mom said, “Uh Oh!” I looked again, and it was Indians! They were gonna attack the Liberty Belle! I barked at them, and all of a sudden, they started to retreat! Dad rubbed my head and said that I saved the boat!! I was so happy!

We soon pulled back up to the dock, and we climbed off the boat. Mom told me I was getting much better with water. I licked her leg and on we went…

More details later!



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If I See an Elephant Fly…

Look at my friend Dumbo! He is Flying!

What up!!

I have done so many cool things in the Magic Kingdom! One thing I hadn’t done yet was meet an elephant. So, I dragged my mom an dad over to Dumbo, so that I could meet him and get to fly again! I kinda like flying.

We waited in line, then hopped on Dumbo’s back for a bird’s eye view of the Magic Kingdom! Around and around we went! Dumbo told me all about his feather and his friends from the circus.  Finally Dumbo said that it was someone else’s turn to fly. We got off, and I gave Dumbo a big kiss.

What a great time!



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It’s a Small World After All

It's a Small, Small World

Hello Folks!

So excited to continue to tell you about my day at the MagicKingdom! But at this point in my fun-filled day with Mom and Dad, I ran into a little problem… I am scared of water! My Mom doesn’t like water either, and we hate being wet. When Dad said we were getting ready to go on a boat ride, I was not the least bit excited. Mom told me it would be alright and that we wouldn’t get wet. I said ok, but got in line for It’s A Small World very cautiously.

As we got up to the dock, I saw that we were getting in a blue boat! It was very pretty. Dad climbed in first, then me and my Mom. I sat down, waved my paw at the nice lady in the tower overhead, and off we went!!

After going through a little tunnel, I suddenly saw all these little dancing and singing people!  They moved and sang and made me happy! I started to sing too, but Mom told me that there was no barking on the ride.

We went through all sorts of countries and saw all sorts of people and animals. It was so fun. I can’t wait to ride those fun boats again…



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I Can Fly! I Can Fly! I Can Fly!

Look! My friends Peter and Tink!

Happy Thursday Peeps!

After Mom, Dad and I had a snack, we made our way over to Peter Pans Flight! I was very excited, because I couldn’t wait to meet Tinkerbelle! Mom always said that she was sassy just like me!

We waited in a really long line. Finally we got to the front of the line. We got on this flying cart and off we went! I first got to meet John, Wendy and Peter! I even got to meet their dog Nana! Nana said to come and visit anytime I wanted.

Then, out of nowhere came Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle! I was so exited. They sprinkled me with Pixie Dust, and off we went! I was flying! I bet you didn’t know that bulldogs could fly, did you?

The Lost Boys were so excited to see me. They had on great costumes. Mom said they wear them all the time, even though it isn’t Halloween. I thought I saw a guy in a crocodile costume, but it was a REAL crocodile! Captain Hook was so scary! He had a hook for a hand, and I was so glad when the crocodile was trying to bite him! He was mean to all my friends.

Finally the flight came to an end, but Tink and Peter told me to come back whenever I wanted…

I can’t wait to go see them again.



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Riding Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder…

I got to ride on a horse!!

Hey Everyone!

So after I got to meet the dwarfs, Mom and Dad took me over to the carousel! I got to ride on a pretty white horse named Daisy! We went round and round, and Daisy galloped and galloped. It was so fun! Dad rode on a horse with a purple saddle. He said his name was Charlie. Mom’s horsey was white too, and it had a beautiful yellow ribbon on it. Her name was Dixie.

After our ride, Mom and Dad got a snack at Pinocchio’s Village Haus. Mom gave me a treat too! I drank some water out of my bowl, and then we were on our way again…

I love the Magic Kingdom!!



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