About Me

My pretty tutu!

I'm a good sitter!

My name is Lucy. I am a one year old english bulldog, and I live with my mom, Jen, in Kansas. We have a bunch of cats too. Rock and Roll are mean cats. Roo, Rexx and Remy like to get me in trouble. They always try to steal my food when I’m not looking. Everytime they knock something off the counter or table, I just can’t help myself. I have to chew on it.

Chewing on stuff, eating, playing fetch and cuddling are my favorite things to do. I have a red ring that I like to fetch, and I steal my mom’s socks, underwear and headbands all the time. Sometimes I get in trouble, but then my mom will pet me, and I give her kisses, and it is all better!

My best friends are Roy, the mut, Bailey, the boxer, and Milton, my bulldog brother. We have a lot of fun together, and I can beat all of them in a game of fetch! They are no match for me! Milton is my best friend, and I like to cuddle with him. He follows me around all the time, and that is the way I like it.

I hope you like my blog. I love riding in the car, and I hope I get to go on an airplane some day soon too! Email me! Maybe I can come visit you!



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